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Feb. 17th, 2016 09:43 pm
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Word Association Meme, February 17th, 2016
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For text, voice, audio, and action threads. Please date and indicate! :D
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» visual: one and two. Susan is frequently described as beautiful and graceful. She is tall and has long black hair and blue eyes.
» aural: gentle // caring // pragmatic
» OLFACTORY: Susan is coming fresh out of Narnia, and will have something of its scent about her at all times, since it's not so easy to get rid of in another land of magic. So there will be a hint of fresh air to those with exceptionally keen olfactory senses. Other than that, she's the type to experiment with different scents and take advantage of what kind of cosmetics are given her.
» demeanour: Susan is initially going to be very curious and eager to explore the place, but there will be a caution to her manner as well. She's not just a sixteen year-old-girl, she's a woman who reined as queen and then lost that life completely to go back to being a girl. There is a maturity in her grace which is at odds to her age and background; she moves as if she's used to wearing long skirts.

» physical affection: Susan will be willing to be physically affectionate if she knows and trusts the person, but she does give off a slightly 'approach only if you know that you're welcome' vibe.
» physical violence: Violence is Susan's last resort. She is capable of inflicting a lot of damage with her bow, and has participated in several wars, but she loathes bloodshed and would much rather try to talk things out.
» relationships: Susan has been burned in love - the man she thought she would be willing to marry as queen of Narnia turned out to be false, cruel, and a bit of an ass. She doesn't relate as well to boys of her own age, except for recently enjoying a flirtation with Caspian, who was more a man than a boy. She would have stayed and grown to love him, if she could.
» psychic/telepath/etc: Any and all narrated thoughts are fair game. Just ping me if you want something more specific, I am all about letting your character be your character.
» magic: Susan has been exposed to magic and to magical objects, but has never learned to use it herself. Her practical nature may stand in the way of her learning it, but she does believe in magic... and so it might turn out that if she was able to learn it, her matter of fact way of accepting things would be to her advantage.
» offensive subjects & triggers: No more than an average teenage girl from the 1940s. She won't tolerate rudeness or overly licentious behavior -- she'd view that as disrespectful and crude, and probably say something sharp about it and leave.

» backtags: I am definitely pro-backtagging, but in the spirit of honesty I have to admit if a thread is more than three weeks old my interest will probably start to wane. I'm also good with talking things out and handwaving, or working on a thread into infinity if it's super important.
» threadhops: Absolutely yes, but I'd prefer a quick ping to give me a head's up.
» fourthwalls: Probably not? If you think it's something that would For Sure Happen, please ping me and we can talk it out.
» triggers: mrrr... nothing much that I can think of with Susan, but if I'm missing something then please let me know.

In fact, if there's anything you want to let me know in terms of plotting or ect., here's a good place!


Aug. 13th, 1999 06:56 pm
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As of this writing, Susan Pevensie is a new character for me -- so concerns and constructive criticism are both welcome. Also, feel free to contact me by messaging the account if you would prefer. Thank you, and may adventure smile upon you.
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August 2014
- The sixteenth (Impressions after arrival; NPC notes)
- The nineteenth (Boon request)


Aug. 24th, 1998 01:36 pm
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Pevensie Family

Narnia - The Golden Age
- A tentative timeline

Narnia - Prince Caspian



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